When we look at America today we see a country that appears to be in trouble. Skyrocketing inflation and debt seem to be the new normal. It may seem as though America’s best days are behind us. But I take my inspiration from those early Texans who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy today.  

As you may know, just a month before Gen. Houston defeated Santa Anna’s army at the Battle of San Jacinto, the battle for Texas independence was nearly lost. Houston’s troops were outnumbered and in poor spirit.  

Last year, conservative Texans united to pass strong pro-life legislation curtailing abortions in Texas. Now, a federal appeals court has done the right thing and approved our right to pass this tough anti-abortion law which will force the closure of roughly 20 abortion clinics across Texas.

As a former Navy SEAL, I know what it takes to complete difficult missions.  I joined the military in order to fight for freedom and defend the Constitution.  Sadly, it seems Washington these days is committed to preserving their own power and as a result our liberties have come under assault.

That's why I am proud to say "I stand with Streusand!"  

I have watched and observed Ben over the years and have been deeply impressed by his commitment to the Constitution and Texas values.

SEABROOK, TX - Last night, the Clear Lake Tea Party unanimously voted to endorse Ben Streusand for Congress in the runoff election for Congressional District 36.

Our national security interest requires the federal government to make critical decisions affecting the future of NASA and the space community. When the Obama administration decided to scrap NASA's space shuttle program, they unnecessarily put America's space program at risk by outsourcing to Russia the transfer of personnel to the International Space Station.