"In the race for Congress in the Clear Lake area out to the Texas state line, Houston Realty Business Coalition endorses Ben Streusand, a self-made businessman and staunch conservative that won't let us down in Congress. Ben is a tax fighter, not a tax hiker.  We can trust Ben to lead, not follow, on these and other issues anchored in conservative principles," said Welcome Wilson, Jr., President, Houston Realty Business Coalition.
The board members of the Tri-County Texas Tea Party have unanimously given their endorsement to conservative Ben Streusand in the runoff race for Congress in District 36.

Voters deserve the transparency.

At least six times Brian Babin voted tax increases. See for yourself in these documents. 

When we look at America today we see a country that appears to be in trouble. Skyrocketing inflation and debt seem to be the new normal. It may seem as though America’s best days are behind us. But I take my inspiration from those early Texans who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy today.